Our Mission

Ad-vo-cate (verb/ˈadvəˌkāt/):

To publicly recommend or support.

Addressing the prevalence and consequences of chronic stress in the world, we advocate for yoga as an access point to health and wellness.

As chronic stress can lead to serious health problems if not well managed, our yoga and mindfulness classes are designed and curated to deliver an effective method of self-care.

We also believe in the value for all parts of the community to have access to yoga, particularly in populations with limited resources, and to those whom experience significantly more stress.  That is why we have devoted our skills to specializing in a trauma-sensitive yoga approach, a direct service that is commonly offered in many types of therapeutic recovery settings.

Additionally, we offer a variety of private yoga and mindfulness classes to choose from that are carefully curated to meet the needs and goals of anyone; from the novice, the heavily-stressed, those with physical accessibility modification needs, and experienced practitioners alike.

We stand the knowledge of what’s known about the benefits of yoga. This includes the growing number of reputable studies that have revealed how yoga may ease some of the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and pain through its combination of breath, movement, and mindfulness.  Along with improving cardiovascular health and muscular strength, yoga is also known to strengthen mental focus.  Due to the combination of mindfulness, meditation, and mental focus, many whom practice yoga regularly also become accustomed to living more presently and with intention in their everyday lives. There are many other benefits to a regular yoga practice that a participant can experience – no matter what age, body-type or level of experience.

Yoga can be a great stress-relieving activity to incorporate in any part of the day, and may help calm down the effects of stress on the nervous system.  As chronic stress may cause the nervous system to experience uncontrollable effects such as irregular breathing patterns, rapid heart rate, and tensed muscles, yoga provides a practice of controlling the breath, breathing slower and deeper, which can then slow down the heart rate, and release tension in the muscles.  Thus, yoga can serve as a great resource for those dealing with average to significant amounts of stress in their daily lives. By identifying this need, we can better serve our community helping individuals in a variety of settings with the access to yoga to help manage their stress and to better their well-being.