Aileen Quinn

Co-Founder | Yoga Teacher

Aileen has dedicated much of her career directly in community wellness and advocacy, with a deepened experience working in therapeutic settings. When she is not in the office or out in the field teaching yoga, Aileen dedicates her time toward two non-profits, and additionally carries the role as an active board member of an outdoor climbing and environmental stewardship advocacy group for the Greater Sacramento area.

Aileen holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from California State University, Chico. Through her studies, she has gained a deeper understanding and awareness of the need for mental health and wellness resources within the community. She became inspired to unite her two passions of yoga and psychology, which has driven her toward “an approachable, non-esoteric teaching style”, along with her implementation of trauma-informed yoga within therapeutic settings.

“As a yoga teacher, my moto is to never stop exploring. I believe that we as human beings are all on our own personal journeys toward a continuous and never-ending transformation of ourselves. As yoga personally inspired me toward this path of exploring and aspiring to more in life, I continue to share this practice with my community, providing classes in a diverse range of settings, serving to various experience levels and abilities.”